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    Culture of Creativity

    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity.

    • NO MEETING ZONE Thursday afternoons from 2 - 5 is a No Meeting Zone at Grey – three hours each week when we encourage everyone to do something challenging, new or unexpected. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Read a section of the Times that you’ve always ignored before. Or simply spend time actually being creative instead of going to yet another meeting about the creative process.
    • The rooftop You never know just where the next famously effective idea will come from. Inspiration might strike outdoors on the rooftop terrace in the shadow of the Flatiron and the Empire State Building.

    • The Heroic Failure Award “Failure,” Truman Capote wrote, “is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” Grey celebrates failures of daring and audacity with our annual Heroic Failure award. Better to attempt something astonishing and go down in flames than to gingerly hold back. Research has shown that innovation is best encouraged by embracing the importance of trying, failing, dusting yourself off, and trying again. So here’s to heroic failures– the glorious defeats that can make success itself look timid.
    • OPEN HOUSE Radical collaboration is our ethos, fostered daily and strategically through open office design, open dialogues, open doors, and as a result, open minds. Open House is a speaker’s forum dedicated to provocative, eye-opening discussions sparked by internal and external speakers ranging from chief marketing officers to successful entrepreneurs. Visionaries of all stripes have presented in Grey’s Town Hall over the last few years. Listen. Question. Learn.

    • The Distillery The rapid evolution of technology in marketing has influenced how we think and how we create. The Distillery is Grey’s first lab and think space, where the latest hardware, software and platforms live for our teams and clients to experience them first hand. Our exhibits showcase leading partners in the technology space including MakerBot, LEAP, Metaio, Tumblr and Estimote, with hands on demos, learning sessions and hands-on creative challenges. Other highlights include a hardware library, 3D Printing equipment and an open-door space to work and be creative.
    • The corkwall It might happen at The Wall, the big corkboard on the second floor that serves as the physical equivalent of an online message board where all ideas are out in the open and up for debate.

    • Healthy Grey Back in the Advertising Jurassic age when Mad Men roamed the earth, “healthy” meant being sure to eat the olives in each of your three martinis. All these eons later, health and wellness are now essential to our culture. Creativity thrives on the clarity and confidence that come with good health—physical, mental, social and emotional. Yoga, softball, spinning, meditation, reflections on mindfulness, tips on healthy eating—you’ll find all these and more on offer at Grey.
    • The Healing Power of Creativity Self-expression, storytelling and other creative pursuits can be healing and life-enhancing for all people. The Healing Power of Creativity is the theme that inspires our pro bono work, connecting people at Grey with the people who can benefit the most via a year-long calendar of events. One current initiative is our partnership with Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a camp that provides “a different kind of healing” to seriously ill children and their families. We’ve raised enough funds to send two children to the camp over the last two summers through running in the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay.