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    The Legendary Journey Parallax The Legendary Journey Parallax

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    Akbank, Turkey’s biggest bank, was holding a promotional campaign for Akbank Direkt Card with a sweepstake among ‘Direkt Card’ holders. The lucky participants would see the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. We introduced this promo campaign with the last 2 survivors of the 1950’s national soccer team, which hadn’t been able travel to Brazil due to financial shortages.

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    Turkish people are famous for their love of football. But Turkey didn’t qualify for the World Cup in Brazil. This was a major turn down for Turkish people. How do you make the world cup attractive to a country that couldn’t participate?


    The last time the World Cup was held in Brazil 64 years ago. Turkey couldn’t go that time either, not because they didn’t qualify... but because the whole country ran out of money. 


    We turned a promotion campaign into a matter of national pride. To be able to make the journey legendary, we reached out to the last 2 surviving members of that national soccer team of 1950 to finally take them to the World Cup in Brazil, along with the lucky winners of the sweepstake. First, we produced a series of short documentaries introducing the 2 surviving players. To bring the story to a new generation, we built an online museum website where users can experience many different aspects of the 1950 national soccer team and its story.

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    While our video had a view count of 2.224.117 on Youtube, it was watched almost 6 million times in total, in only 6 weeks. On the website for our campaign,, our unique visitor count was 272.811. During the 8 March 2014 broadcast with Bülent Eken and Erol Keskin as guests for Beyaz Show which is the most popular talk show in Turkey, "Bülent Eken" helped the project to be talked about by being both in Turkey Trends and Worldwide Trends on Twitter. During the campaign, our Facebook contents were seen by 34.296.184 users and people who clicked or viewed the content was 289.370.123 users in total. Akbank Direkt Card applications covered 18% of all credit card sales.


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