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    What makes an agency different is how the creative culture is structured inside the agency. Starting with our CEOs title being “Chief Happiness Officer” to having business cards without titles but with tags to identify who we are, we are a different breed of people.

    ‘We’ is always better than ‘I’ so we have built a culture of open collaboration, working with each other to produce work that is as Famous and as Effective as possible. We take this very seriously. Our culture is what differentiates us. No production lines. No barriers to entry. Smart, fast, agile teams with the client are at the very heart of our process, collaborating with us from the brief all the way through to the campaign launch. This gives us better, more original, media neutral ideas.

    With our horizontal organizational chart, being open and transparent about internal processes with everyone working inside the agency, working in an environment where taking initiative, speaking up and being bold are encouraged makes us truly the beacon of creative culture.

    • OPEN OFFICES At 4129Grey, we create collaborative environments. Many agencies boast open plan seating but few really deliver a truly open and collaborative way of working. Our commitment to our Open culture demands a different type of environment. One that encourages anyone to talk to anyone. One that enables everyone to offer up ideas. One that mixes up departments and breaks down hierarchies. And, most importantly, one that always leaves a desk free for our clients to get in on the action. In order to make this a reality we have been tearing down walls literally and metaphorically.
    • GREY OPERATING SYSTEM We work around one shared process. An Open culture should not mean open chaos. We aim to work as efficiently and as effectively as we can when we come together. In order to achieve this we have created the Grey Operating System (Grey O.S.) This operating system unites all of our agencies, clients and partners around one, simple, shared process. Each stage of the Grey O.S. contains clear objectives and tools to help us achieve those objectives. We are now using the Grey O.S. as a training tool both internally and externally with our clients.

    • THE COUNCIL We collaborate globally to achieve creative excellence. As a network that believes in collaboration as the path to excellence, we have developed a program to share, rate and assist in the evolution of creative ideas. Every six months, our top creative talent gathers in inspiring locations for 'The Council' to challenge each other and to learn from their peers, taking ideas to the next level. The competitive element inspires and motivates our creative to keep producing Famously Effective ideas. What does this mean for our clients? It means they will have the best creative talent around the globe developing ideas for their brands.
    • GREY GUILD We are finding new ways of collaborating. The traditional network structures and ways of working are out of date. We collaborate differently. Grey Guild is a crowd-sourced, co-creation platform that enables us to pull together the right team to work on the right brief, irrespective of which agency they happen to be based in. Working virtually and socially they can follow a brief through its entire lifecycle. We truly do operate as one single business across EMEA, giving our clients access to a vast wealth of talent, cutting across geographical boundaries, and producing Famously Effective work.

    • GREY CONNECT We pride ourselves on our internal collaboration. If we want to work as one agency with 2000 employees and not as 47 different offices spread across EMEA, we have to have a common platform to share ideas, information and experiences. Grey Connect delivers just that. It has been in operation for over a year now, providing all of our staff with the latest news, case studies, and capabilities as well as exclusive content on trends, insights and marketing data from partners like LSN, WARC, Nielsen and Forrester. Grey Connect also has a community function which enables our staff to set up working groups around clients or projects across the entire EMEA region, irrespective of discipline or geography.