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    We’re always on the lookout for people with an energy so powerful it creates sparks-thinkers, dreamers, and innovators who can put ideas into motion that lead to results. Whip-smart, highly motivated individuals have been the drivers behind Grey’s Famously Effective work since 1917. If you believe that you can help rocket us further along our success trajectory, we’d love to hear from you.


      At Grey, diversity is not a theoretical goal. Yes, we are an equal opportunity workplace and proud to be so, but our commitment to diversity is an open-ended, ongoing commitment that our most-senior executives have expanded way beyond its usual definition. We’ll let one of them explain: “I do applaud the industry for trying to diversify, but in our industry ‘diversity’ ought to mean diversity of thought, diversity of background, different ages, different approaches, different sexual orientations. We need to ensure we’re taking the broadest definition of diversity, really being able to appreciate, respect and value others’ points of view.” -- Grey North America CEO Michael Houston, New York Times, July 4, 2013



      All too often the hiring process at advertising agencies seems mysterious, opaque and intimidating. It shouldn’t be.


      Here’s how it works at 4129Grey;
      - Your first step is to either apply for a specific position or complete our general application form.
      - If your skills and background match what we’re looking for, then the second step will involve an initial phone conversation.
      - If the chemistry feels right, then your third step will be a face to face interview in one of our offices.
      - If your interview is successful, then it will most likely be followed by additional interviews, and possibly a presentation to the team.
      - If everything clicks, an offer would then be extended as we welcome you to 4129Grey.

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