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    Every year Volvo Cars is recruiting 15 extraordinary talents for the Volvo Graduate Programme. The 2 year long program gives them a very broad understanding and a unique insight of Volvo as a company. With new fresh eyes, courage and ambition they are expected to influence and develop the company’s future. The competition for these talents in the automotive business is fierce. In the brief Volvo wanted to come across to these people as an inspiring and exciting employer.


    The Challenge

    The challenge was to present a very varied program and its full potential in a way that felt unique and attractive.


    The Realization

    Attracting the right people to your organisation is a success factor that makes a difference in the future race against competitors.


    The Solution

    To give this desirable and successful program justice we chose to put the main characters from previous years in the spotlight. Recruitment is made mainly through activities such as job fairs and physical meetings. Thats why we produced a tactile complement to Volvo Cars web portal. In a magazine we let graduates, managers and mentors tell their stories and experiences. The magazine could also be downloaded from the website.

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