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    Lars Magnusson started his first language travel as early as 1958. That made him a pioneer in a whole new travel category. Over 50 years later the company felt the need to revise both brand and communication. A new time, new conditions and new customer demands started the process that would turn the whole company around.


    The Challenge

    The strong culture of transparency and openness made it inevitable to incorporate the same values in the process. Everyone needed to feel included and involved. The process was to incorporate the day to day business on six key markets. That made a working party of just about 120 persons.


    The Realization

    STS’s urgent purpose is to improve the language skills of young people in order to increase the understanding of other cultures and differences between people. Going on your first journey on your own could be just as exciting as scary for young person. Therefor t’s key that the STS communication and branding feel both inspiring and secure, challenging and in full control. The message also have to attract two opposite worlds. The children and their parents.


    The Solution

    With a new concept ”Start your journey” STS is building their communication strategy in relevant channels. A new graphic manual gives STS a modern expression. The new brand platform is clarified internally in a Brand Book and implemented in a Work Book - a hands on crash course in how to use the brand. The whole result was successfully presented in an internal global road-show.


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