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    If we were a person we’d be the one who’d always be on time for the party, in a festive mood and with the best gift. We’d be the one trying to find an agreement in a difficult conversation and if didn’t succeed we’d just hug and say ”you know what, it’s the differences that make us interesting”. We’d be that one crazy friend with some weird idea that makes the other in the group be like ”what the hell, buddy?”... We’d be the hard working one who never leaves the office (except when Friday afternoon drinks are served) and the one who annoyingly just LOVES what they do.

    • We thrive on openness We believe creativity is at its best when you let good ideas flow between people. That’s why we don’t have any walls between us, the kitchen (our informal gathering room) is in the middle of everything and we never hesitate to learn from each other’s special skills.
    • Center of attention We’re located at heart of Gothenburg with a panoramic view over our city's biggest square. We’re in the middle of everything, and that’s how we like it. And to be honest, it’s kind of nice to have everything — inspiration, stores, food, people — just around the corner.

    • Sustainable is the only way Only vegetarian food, sorting our waste, always recycling, yoga Wednesdays and boot camp Fridays. Big actions make big differences. We think sustainable for both environment and human!
    • One GREY We like to think of ourselves not as a network but as networked. Grey has offices in over 50 different countries and everyone’s ambition is to be Famously Effective. We’re able to consult the best creative talents around the globe to create perfect advertising for every culture.