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    Culture of Creativity

    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity. It's our team spirit, encapsulated in the 'We is better than me' statement that drives our creative process, which is based on an attitude of open collaboration. Our culture of openess represents one of our core values and is reflected in every aspect of our agency. From offices with no barriers, to minds with no boxes and ideas with no limits. It is our all-inclusive, integrated and playful approach to work that produces creative, original and exciting ideas, Famous and Effective at the same time, that have a lasting impact on the contemporary advertising and cultural landscape.

    • We is better than me We believe in open culture. A culture where everyone’s voice is heard. A culture of creativity, where we suspend judgment and show respect towards the talents and views of others. It’s about actively involving people and including clients to produce famous & effective work that creates real culture value and drives commercial success. It’s an environment where every single employee is treated and feels like an indispensable part of agency.
    • Long Ideas It's not about Big Ideas. It's about Long Ideas. We develop ideas that start earlier, live longer and travel further accross media, companies, people and culture. Useful, interesting and entertaining at the same time. Our work is created to be shared, talked about and to leave a lasting impression on everyone it touches.

    • A faithful dog We believe in genuine, honest and harmonious relationships between all living beings. That’s why we dubbed ourselves a “dog friendly” agency. Liza, Lisa and Ado are one happy pack that loves to goof around our office. We also love to welcome our partners’ and clients’ furry friends. Our four-legged friends always have enough space to frolic and mess around. Their loyalty is greatly appreciated and frequently rewarded.
    • The Grey Get-together At Grey Ljubljana, we maintain a healthy and productive atmosphere with the help of homemade food that brings people together. We believe good food brings good spirit. That’s why, once a month, our basement kitchen fills up with people and becomes a space of conversation, laughter, serenity and warmth. We all get a chance to become chefs of the day as everyone brings a homemade dish to taste and enjoy. Sitting around the table, we get to learn more about each other, our problems, hopes and dreams. All that with a side of casserole and a glass of chardonnay.