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Panadol Rapid - No Time For A Headache

Glaxo Smith Kline


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    Glaxo Smith Kline

    Panadol Rapid - No Time For A Headache Panadol Rapid - No Time For A Headache


    Panadol’s Speed variant is targeted at millenials – consumers who are busy living life and fear that headaches would cause them to miss out on the important things in life. They live fast paced lifestyles, always on the move and time is of the essence. These consumers are heavy consumers of digital content with low attention spans.

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    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
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    Strategy, Insights, Digital, Advertising
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    Every Minute Matters – In today’s fast-paced world, every minute matters. There’s so little time, so much to do. No one has time to lose, especially on a headache.


    With this, we created a campaign that’s centred on an idea that’s fresh, relatable, and “glocal” (global & local). An idea that leverages on real moments and life’s headaches. This is us taking a step beyond just physical headaches, and owning the category of life’s headaches.
    We curated the work, specific to each media channel, so we achieve maximum impact across both TV, digital and social. We created an ecosystem of relatable & interesting content so our target audience may experience the full spectrum of communications that are intended for them.

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