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    Energy Market Authority

    Open Electricity Market | The Power to Choose Open Electricity Market | The Power to Choose


    The Singapore government has opened up the electricity market which now allows consumers to choose from new electricity retailers.  Our client, Energy Market Authority, would like to raise the awareness of and educate consumers to make informed electricity purchase decisions.  However, given electricity is readily available and well-provided for, and the experience is intangible, consumers have very little interest in thinking about electricity or learning about switching to a new provider.

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  • We developed a 3-phase approach to help EMA to change citizens attitudes and behaviour of low involvement, low engagement, low understanding of electricity as a public utility.


    1. Landscaping and baseline research

    We conducted both qualitative and quantitative, talking to over 1000 citizens to understand the mind-set towards energy consumption and choice (including switching between electricity retailers).


    2. Branding and Communications Plan Development

    We developed a platform idea (Open Electricity) as well as a branding identity, tagline (The Power to Choose) and communications campaign


    3. Implementation and Execution

    After further evaluation and optimisation of the creative materials, the test launch of the campaign took place in Feb 2018 in Jurong and full launch will roll out beginning in Sep 2018.


    4. Tracking

    Pre, In and Post soft launch evaluations of the campaign impact on awareness and perceptions were carried out to track the effectiveness of the communications, as well as identify avenues for refining the key messages for the full launch.


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