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    Culture of Creativity

    We proudly embrace and empower the cultural mixture that emerges from being part of one of the most diverse regions in the world. Our similarities and differences challenge and motivate us to evolve and to produce insightful and iconic creative work that passes the test of time and lives up to our Famously Effective legacy.

    • Things You Should Know About Us (They're All True) We like to sing and dance a lot, especially at night. We have lunch breaks in our conference room and watch Food Network while we eat, and then brainstorm about what are we going to eat at 3:00pm, and of course with coffee included (we’re Puerto Ricans). We do have desk-phones, but we feel free to call on each other out loud and, occasionally, bark. We decorate our office no matter the holiday, its like being inside Party City. We have happy hours every month. It’s for our mental stability. We believe that a good strategy is like karma, if it’s good it comes right back at you. We like doing our thing in the dark, hey, I’m talking about work (dim lights)!
    • Grey is Green We recycle plastic and paper, but not ideas... (OK, perhaps some ideas). We use a printer cartridge until the last drop (when you see it dyeing, don't replace it, just shake it – as good as new). And anything you can do digitally, just do it.

    • Chemistry If you look closely and examine the origin of all Grey employees, you’ll get interesting results. We are different minds, characters, obsessions, outfits and lunch break tastes. From the copywriter, to the strategic planner, everybody is deeply in its role, but always with a living together attitude. Some will say that it is a miracle that we all get along so well, because we are so different. We say that this is a "chemistry" that other agencies do not have.