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    Passion comes first

    The culture at Grey is constantly evolving. Our new hires, new business, new initiatives have an inspiring impact on the people here and it reflects on the way we work. The passion can be seen from our day-to-day all the way to our training workshops. We like to add some bit of adventure in everything we do.

    • The Grey Academy Mooted in year 2014, the KL office launched its Grey Academy by providing a range of seminars, lectures, workshops and case studies to fit the needs of all levels. Comprising 25 employees from all departments, the 14 days program was carried out every Saturday. It culminated in a Pitch presentation where teams were formed to compete against each other.
    • Grey Team Building 2014 How best to bond with each other and get to know your colleagues. The entire office went on a 3 days 2 nights day away. Everyone was pitched into adventurous situations involving white water rafting and Caving. By the time we came home, everyone were buddies

    • A new Office Environment Renovations took about 8 weeks. When it was over, the office was transformed into an open space that invited people to share and learn from each other.