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Greys launches Uncommissioned


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    Greys launches Uncommissioned

    To give artists from all walks of life the chance to be seen Grey launch Uncommissioned, a platform to champion new up and coming artists.

    March 5, 2018

    This month we launched Uncommissioned, a vehicle to showcase new and exciting artistic talent. Our mission is to give artists a deliberately ambiguous brief and ask them to respond with a creative proposal.  We’ll then select the most interesting ideas and develop them with the artist, with a view to exhibiting their work at Grey’s offices.

    Aptly, our theme for the launch exhibition is First. Our four chosen artists have taken the theme in very different directions, bringing their personal styles and approach to the project while also still maintaining the common thread of the theme. The four artists who have been selected for Uncommissioned First are:

    Ben Reeves a still life photographer who recreates natural environments within a studio setting.

    Kellie French a concept lead still life photographer who is fearless in her deployment of colour and subject.

    Dave Imms whose fine-art-meets-reportage portraiture style looks at elevating the normal and celebrating the banal.

    Jack Latham a reportage photographer who looks to not only document events but in the process, highlight the threads connecting them.

    Their work will be on display over the coming months, so if you’re coming to the office make sure you leave a bit of extra time to check out the work. If you are an artist who would like to be involved in future events, or know someone who would – please get in touch:


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