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Empowering Young Creatives to Master Business


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    Empowering Young Creatives to Master Business

    We kick started February at Grey HQ helping young freelancers understand the business of creativity.

    By Rachel Holden | February 4, 2018

    It’s Time to Empower Creatives to Master Business

    As fewer young creatives enrol in higher education, and the power of Instagram grows, DIY culture in the creative community is thriving. Thanks to this, we are seeing talent as young as 17 land major global campaigns; for example, photographer David Uz ochukwu, who, last year, shot Nike’s global ‘Do you Believe in More?’ campaign, which featured singer FKA Twigs.

    As more young people decide to take on the industry alone, then, there is a greater need to be adept at navigating the business of such a complex landscape. From legalities and finances, to fee setting and marketing yourself in an oversaturated market, the business is an art form in itself. As Warhol himself puts it,"Good business is teh best art".

    For most, however, business is, at best an afterthought. Why? because it’s never truly been given the platform it deserves in creative culture. Creative folk have been conditioned to believe that they are incredibly lucky to do what they do for a living - and they are, creative jobs are incredibly fun. However, they also require skills that take years of perfecting, just like trading on the stock market, or any other profession valued in society for that matter. It’s this mind-set, though, that is of detriment to creative’s self-perceived value. So, I wonder: if we aren’t liberating creatives to know their worth, then how can we expect anyone else to?

    It’s time to shift the paradigm. Myself, Oribi Davies of INTENT London, and Shannice Mears of The Elephant Room have made it our mission to empower the next generation of creatives to master business. With the support of Grey London, on January 31st we launched The Business of Creativity; an education and advice platform for young creatives. Our first event was an introduction to navigating life as a creative freelancer. Among our guest speakers were Grey Senior Producer Claire Ramasamy, intellectual property solicitor at Briffa, Claire Shomade, and freelance photographer Lauren Maccabbee. They offered some incredible advice on how to navigate what can be a tricky meeting of creativity and business. Our ambition is for this to be the first event of many that will empower young creatives and allow us to provide ongoing support and information to those who might need it.

    Thanks to the panellists who got involved and gave up their time.

    • Claire Ramasamy, Senior Producer @ GREY LONDON
    • Nadya Persaud, Executive Producer & Directors Rep @ LUTI Media
    • Claire Shomade, Intellectual Property Solicitor @ Briffa
    • Rudy Melo, Designer & Art Director
    • Lauren Maccabee, Photographer
    • Jack Alexander, Photographer & Senior Writer @ 

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