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    Culture of Creativity

    We proudly embrace and empower the cultural mixture that emerges from being part of one of the most diverse regions in the world. Our similarities and differences challenge and motivate us to evolve and to produce insightful and iconic creative work that passes the test of time and lives up to our Famously Effective legacy. We all root for each other and support the work that every one of our offices in the region creates, which means our creative output has the strength of roughly a dozen countries.

    • Seamless network When you have over 1,000 people in a 13-country network of agencies, geographical barriers slowly fade away and everything feels more connected. Our internal tool Grey Connect, keeps the collaboration going with the latest news, case studies and capabilities, ensuring every member of our team can share ideas, information, experiences and more. That's why our regional network functions as synchronized as a well-oiled machine. It's like having a single agency that’s spread across an entire continent.
    • Innovation through creativity We consistently invest in innovative ways to accomplish focused creativity with the aid of the latest technology, giving our people all the right tools to create great work that takes our Famously Effective legacy to the next level. Such is the case of our brand new GreyLAB in Brazil, a room that combines data with experience through the most recent postdigital trends, inspiring our team to generate strong ideas that ultimately lead to the best creative work.

    • The Council As a network that constantly strives to achieve creative excellence, we've developed a program to share, rate, collaborate, and assist in the evolution of creative ideas. Every six months, our top creative talent gathers at inspiring locations for the Grey Global Creative Council to challenge each other, and to learn from their peers, taking ideas to the next level. The competitive environment inspires and motivates our creatives to keep producing strong, powerful ideas for completing the circle of creative excellence. What does this mean for our clients? It means they'll have the best creative talent around the globe developing ideas for their brands.
    • Annual Regional Meeting Our network relies in the interaction of our people and we're always looking for ways to take collaboration to the next step. Every year we meet at a different location to exchange points of view, align our goals, foresee business opportunities, and to keep strengthening our organization. We are constantly working on ways to keep building on our seamless network, so we can expand our portfolio to our clients. We've always taken pride on being close to each other—this is just one of many ways in which we reinforce that feeling.

    • Agents of change We are a flexible and dynamic network that strives to create strong partnerships with our clients. Working as a team, we achieve great results that build business, enabling their brands to adapt to the changing world around them. That's why our client-relationships are longer than the industry average. We don't just work together—we walk and evolve together.
    • Trend Hunters Our curiosity for trends and innovation in pop culture and in real life, as well as our passion for everything that's going on around us, motivated us to develop a collaborative tool that inspires strategic and creative work in all disciplines. Grey Hunting is a mobile app and online platform that makes our work even more relevant and our creative output much more powerful. Anything to keep building Famously Effective brands!