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    We believe in an Open culture. Open culture is about everyone’s voice being heard. It is about proactively involving people, including clients, in the pursuit of the best Long idea possible.

    As a matter of fact, big ideas are here today, gone tomorrow. Long ideas travel further, starting a spark in people’s imagination that moves beyond advertising into popular culture. Open culture and Long ideas are the secret weapons to our mission: deliver Famously Effective Work, work that generates real cultural value and drives commercial success.

    • The 60 60 people. 60 different minds, characters, obsessions, outfits, lunch break tastes. From the strategist to the editor, from the creative director to the front-desk personnel, we are a multi-talented agency. Strategy, activation, digital, storytelling, acting, tailoring, designing, surfing, ‘nerditude,’ and, obviously, advertising, come together under one roof. And we’re not afraid to use them all. At Grey our diverse community is our culture.
    • The council We are not just one agency, but a network across 96 countries, collaborating on a global scale to achieve creative excellence. We believe that ‘We’ is smarter than ‘Me.’ We also believe in a bit of healthy competition. So twice a year, Grey’s top creative talent meets in a different inspiring location to share, rate and assist in the evolution of creative ideas. We call this The Council, and it means that our clients have the best talent from around the world developing ideas for their brand.

    • No creative roof Our offices are located in stylish vintage train-hangars, large spaces that encourage collaborative working. But open plan is not Open enough for us at Grey. We also love brainstorming outdoors in the courtyard, where anyone can come and bring their unique ideas and intuition. We think there’s something particular in the air that aids creativity. Now that’s Open.
    • Grey in 10 facts (all but one are true) We have a shark in the office. We traded Madmen’s martinis for free coffee, but some still put olives in them. We can brainstorm anywhere, but no shoes on the couch. We picnic in the courtyard at lunchtime. We believe that strategy is like karma, if it’s good it comes right back at you. We work in a train-hangar but we hide the locomotives very well. We think that long ideas are better than big ones. We have desk-phones, but we prefer to call people over to our desks for a chat. Solution: No one dips olives in an espresso, we’re Italians.