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    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity.

    • AFTERHOURS One of our favorite areas at GREY Indonesia office is where the pool table is, the office lounge. After the work invasion, we can relax our nerves a little by gathering with friends around the pool table, to chat, throw jokes, laugh together, and play pool. Here is where we make the slogan “Work Hard, Play Hard” come true!
    • KICK N’ SMASH! To produce famously effective works, we believe it requires famously effective minds. It means we have to be fit, fresh, and healthy so we can give the best shot for GREY. That is why, Tuesday nights are our badminton time and Thursday nights are our indoor football time. Come the next day, we are ready to produce some kick-smashed ideas that are famously effective.

    • Creative FREEday This is the "creative party.” It is held on Fridays once a month. We gather in one inspiring place in town to crack the Hot Briefs with FREE delicious foods and drinks. On this day, we are FREE from anything; FREE from client meetings, FREE from traffic department’s job requests, FREE from useless gossips and rumors, anything!. We just set our mind FREE. FREE to express our ideas, FREE to explore any thoughts that we’ve never explored before. We believe in a FREE environment comes a lot of famously effective ideas that produce famously effectives creative outputs.