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    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity.

    • SHIFT thinking Every day is an opportunity to shift the way we think. Whether it’s a formal training session or a headline from this morning, we encourage sharing inspirational, and sometimes even uncomfortable, points of view internally as much as we can.
    • GREY-OLs We love to make things. Music, comic books, furniture - our people are known for making a lot more than what our job titles would seem to suggest.

    • GIVE EAT PLAY Nothing great ever came from sitting at your desk. Nights out, charity activities, pottery classes, whatever – interacting with each other and communities within Hong Kong and beyond gets us excited.
    • Fridays Are For SWAGGER People say the industry has lost its swagger. Every Friday a different office in the Grey network reminds us just how wrong those people are.

    • FIVE X 5 Five slides in 5 minutes. A new batch of GREYers share something about themselves each week. Be inspiring. Be useful. Be entertaining. Make it personal.