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    The Canon Gig App The Canon Gig App

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    We all wish we could take better pictures at concerts. Unfortunately all we've got is our phone cameras and they're useless. The Canon Gig App changes all that..

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    Consumer Electronics
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    Digital, Activation
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    Mobile, Online Media, Outdoor/OOH
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    The camera industry is seeing more and 
more competition from the increasing quality 
and build-in features of smartphones. How can we put Canon at the heart of a photographic experience where you wouldn’t normally use a DSLR in order open people’s eyes to high quality photography?


    A concert is such an experience, but also an experience where you can’t bring a DSLR camera. The only way to capture that special moment is on your phone. But your phone is useless at concerts. The lens is too wide, you can’t zoom and the stage becomes a messy blur of light.


    The Canon Gig app changes all that through a real live product demonstration that puts a genuine high quality DSLR experience right in the hands of every fan. When you log on, the app connects your smartphone to a high-resolution Canon camera, equipped with the finest Canon optics. The camera, which covers the entire stage, broadcasts a high-resolution 4K live stream. In the live stream, you can pan around to find your perfectly cropped compositions, just like looking through the viewfinder on a real DSLR. When you press the shutter a time-code and composition coordinates, and your image is sent to the server. It then grabs your picture, crops it, and returns it to your phone in real time. The results are stunning, perfectly exposed, superior quality high-resolution images for you to keep, or share on social media directly from the app.

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    It is still early days for the Canon Gig App but based on its performance at the Cannes Lions and the reception at the Turbo Weekend tour we have high expectations that the Gig app will prove to be Famously Effective work.

    • The Webby Awards 2016 - The People's Voice Award The Webby Awards 2016 - The People's Voice Award
    • Cannes Lion 2015 - Silver Promo & ActivationCannes Lion 2015 - Silver Promo & Activation
    • Cannes Lions 2015 - Bronze 2 x MobileCannes Lions 2015 - Bronze 2 x Mobile
    • Cannes Lion 2015 - Shortlist Branded Content and MobileCannes Lion 2015 - Shortlist Branded Content and Mobile


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