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    Art is moving, but not just because of its aesthetic. It’s the narrative behind the art that moves us the most. Despite that, convention dictates that art should be promoted visually, focusing heavily on reproductions of the artwork itself. To help connect Tate Britain and its artwork with a new audience, we stripped everything away. Rather than showcasing the art itself, we used powerful words to tell the story behind it. Drawing people in and forcing reappraisal of artworks they think they know, the ads compel people to visit Tate Britain and see the artworks for themselves. Each story unlocks the power behind the work in ways we can all relate to, while the typography allows these stories to sing, conveying the emotion imbued in the work: proudly front and centre for ‘Portrait of Elizabeth I’, fractured and declining for Francis Bacon’s 1972 ‘Triptych’, rippling and drifting off for Millais’ ‘Ophelia’, Tate Britain’s most popular painting.

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