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    At UncleGrey we respect the core philosophy of “none of us is smarter than all of us”. We have built a culture of collaboration with world class partners, and value their input in all aspects of our work. We believe that working with the best, will make us all better and more importantly deliver world-class ideas for our clients.

    We believe in Long Ideas and Famously Effective work.

    Big Ideas come and go. Long ideas are more about what you do than what you say. They start earlier and spread wider. It is not about new or old media but about a happy coexistence of the two. They create meaningful conversations among likeminded people. They create momentum; they create noise. And ultimately they stop being just a branding idea and become everyone’s idea.

    Long Ideas work harder, last longer and are more cost-effective. They have a real cultural impact. They are relevant and allow brands to “do” and not merely to “say”. They create consumer involvement and change buying behaviour.

    Long Ideas require an Open culture and depart from the classic scenario with clients on one side of the table and the agency on the other side. We believe in collaboration and making our client part of the team. We invite the right people to the heart of our work. We call this ‘Open Culture’.

    Because every assignment gets the best of us – the best team, the best specialists and the best from our partners and clients – we simply create better ideas faster that solve our client’s business problems.

    We will always be judged on our latest work, and we are proud of what we do and our creative reputation as one of the most internationally awarded Danish agencies. We are happy to see that our solutions are being recognized both within Denmark and internationally. It says a lot about the courage of both our clients and our people.

    • All about the work Our clients benefit from having the best talent available to work on their business. Many agencies promote their most talented employees into management positions making excel sheets, internal meetings and time sheets their main priority. At UncleGrey we believe they should work hard to create famous ideas for our clients.
    • Punch above your weight Even though we are part of large network we are a small agency. If your ambitions are much larger than the physical size of your office or the number of people you employ, you need to smash the traditional definition of an agency and build an organization that is centered around: agility, speed and talent.

    • Move fast and break stuff As an industry we have been celebrating the logic of zero mistakes for far to long. At UncleGrey we believe that speed and the ability to learn through rapid prototyping, leads to better and more effective work.
    • Makers We believe that the best agencies are great at ideas as well as craft. As most campaigns now have a myriad of different expressions we need to continuously develop our tools and disciplines in order to fully understand the complexity of the current communication landscape.

    • Cross-disciplinary teams We have chosen to organize the agency around projects instead of departments. This means that the agency acts as a fluid organism that transforms depending on the type of brief we receive from our clients. This format allows for team formation to take on a more dynamic form that is geared towards bringing the right disciplines and competences together.
    • Please come inside The agency has been structured to allow for our clients to share our working space with us. Sometimes this means that we will be working together on ideation, trouble shooting or brainstorming on a specific business problem. Other times this simply means that our clients drops by to hang out, do some work or even enjoy the food.