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    Culture of Creativity

    From where we are and how we work, to what inspires us and who we admire, everything at Grey reflects a culture of creativity. We want our ideas to make a difference and challenge the way others perceive the world. We create Long ideas and live an Open culture.

    • OPEN CULTURE What does Open culture mean? For us it’s primarily open-mindedness, efficiency, creativity and sharing solutions. The complicated and lengthy processes that undergo different stages, rooms and people do not correspond to the horizontal philosophy of openness that we proudly live every day. Different departments work together on a daily basis and thus increase overall creative efficiency. Speed, agility, collaboration have become the pillars on which we build all of our solutions. That’s why our solutions are smart and varied, and the teams we create always meet the needs of our clients.
    • OPEN SPACE Our new offices reflect the Open and transparent culture we foster throughout the network. Without walls or barriers of any kind, it’s easy to share ideas and collaborate freely. With the open space concept there is a different kind of innovation which we draw from our people – interaction between different teams is easier without physical barriers so the working process is faster, more integrated, and more effective. Our open space has already taught us spontaneity, openess to everything new and, last but not least, a careful lunch selection!

    • LONG IDEAS Long is always better than Big. Big ideas come and go, but Long ideas are here to stay. Long ideas travel further, spark conversation and impact popular culture. They involve people; they give them a reason to think about something and the knowledge they need to act. They are designed to engage consumers and give them what they need. Long ideas are designed for all platforms – they spark imagination, start conversations, multiply through word-of-mouth, PR and social media. Long ideas start with a different question and demand an agency with a range of skills.
    • FRIEND IN NEED Grey has this tradition: each Christmas we're not buying presents for our clients and partners, but rather use that budget and our resources to help others. No wonder we have the biggest number of humanitarians per capita.