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    Culture of Creativity

    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey Canada reflects a culture of creativity.

    • The Heroic Failure Award "Failure," Truman Capote wrote, "is the condiment that gives success its flavor." Too true, Tru. Grey celebrates failures of daring and audacity with our quarterly Heroic Failures award. Better to attempt something astonishing and go down in flames than to gingerly hold back. Research has shown that innovation is best encouraged by embracing the importance of trying, failing, dusting yourself off, and trying again. So here’s to heroic failures – the glorious defeats that can make success itself look timid.
    • A Long Hallway Our Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal offices share one philosophical and creative roof. We believe that Famously Effective ideas can come from anywhere. That 11th-hour brilliance isn’t an urban myth. And that each and every person within our walls brings unique talents and abilities to the table. In short, we're a single agency that just happens to have a “long hallway” between our offices. East is East and West is West, but we don’t believe in that "never the twain shall meet" stuff around here.

    • Grey Talks Gurus. Rebels. Pioneers. From our Global Creative Officer to technology firms to spiritual healers – they’ve all presented at Grey Talks over the last few years. Grey Talks is a speaker’s forum and learning series dedicated to provocative, eye-opening discussions. Come. Listen. Question. Learn.
    • The Rooftop You never know just where the next famously effective idea will come from. Inspiration might strike outdoors on the rooftop terrace in the shadow of the CN Tower or the Rogers Centre.