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    Culture of Creativity

    From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey Canada reflects a culture of creativity.

    • PET FRIENDLY OFFICE Did you know offices that welcome pets in the workplace show significantly higher levels mutual trust and team bonding while reducing stress levels? We do. That’s why on any given day – four legged friends roam the office in our pet friendly environment. Pets are great conversation starters; they bring our team together and create a familial feel within the office. Big or small, energetic or chill, they add a special element to our culture.
    • NO MEETING THURSDAYS Every Thursday until noon is a no meeting zone. During this time, we encourage our team to work on inspiring projects or important tasks. It might be reading up on the industry, relooking at an upcoming presentation or having coffee with a colleague to get that ever-pending project off the ground – whatever it is, we want it to be different from the every day. By respecting the no meeting zone, we help fuel the creative culture of GREY.

    • LONG HALLWAY Our Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver offices share one philosophical and creative roof. We believe that Famously Effective ideas can come from anywhere. That each person within our walls brings unique talents and abilities to the table. And that our team is stronger as a collective unit. In short, we're a single agency that just happens to have a “long hallway” between offices. East is East and West is West, but we don’t believe in that "never the twain shall meet" stuff around here.
    • FAMILY DINNERS Good food is only as good as the people you it with, right? Studies have shown a correlation between team effectiveness and dining together, which is why we come together on a monthly basis to connect over family dinner. With a change in setting and seating, we cultivate friendships outside the office to enhance teamwork inside of it.

    • CONTINUOUS LEARNING Typically, when we think of learning, we think back to childhood school or maybe post-secondary education. But we believe in the lifelong learners. The ones with a commitment to mastering new skills and knowledge in today’s world. We can all transform ourselves into lifelong learners, whether in a formal setting or through digital tools that make training more accessible. We challenge our team at GREY to take charge of their destinies and support those that raise their hands to the challenge.
    • HEROIC FAILURE AWARD At GREY, we celebrate failure for the daring and audacious spirit that it stems from. Better to attempt something astonishing and go down in flames than to gingerly hold back. Which is why our Heroic Failure award is presented annually to those who embrace innovation, and the importance of trying, failing, dusting yourself off and trying again. So here’s to the heroic failures – the glorious defeats that can make success itself look timid.