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Inbrekers Index (World’s First Live Burglary on Periscope)

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    Nationale Nederlanden

    Inbrekers Index (World’s First Live Burglary on Periscope) Inbrekers Index (World’s First Live Burglary on Periscope)

    Case Study


    How do you raise awareness for household insurances amongst a young, digitally savvy audience when your direct competitors are memes, LOLcats and celebrity nude photo leaks? You broadcast a burglary. Live. And use the hype around the newly launched Periscope app.

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    Every year over 100.000 burglaries take place in the Netherlands. Research has proven that after a burglary 70% percent of the people don’t feel safe anymore in their own home. To address this alarming problem we needed to raise awareness amongst our target audience (developed settled couples between 23-35) for the risk of burglaries during summertime when everyone leaves their windows open. The campaign also needed to make people realize that household insurance can not cover emotional damage.


    Our target audience is digitally savvy and follow everything that’s trending online. To gain their attention, we had to do something disruptive. We used the newly launched Periscope app in a way that it had never been used before; to sell home insurances. 


    Since there was a huge hype around the newly launched Periscope app amongst our target audience, we live-broadcasted a real burglary via Periscope. A crime that normally goes unnoticed was now out in the open for them to see where they least expected it. A 1 minute cut down of the live-broadcast was seeded via 2 popular Dutch blogs. Within a day it could be found on hundreds of national and international sites. When the online discussion reached its peak, Nationale-Nederlanden claimed the burglary with a video. The video contained a link to the campaign website (which was up for 3 months). There people could find out how well their home is protected against burglary and win the burglar from the video to come and inspect their own home.

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    Over 1,000,000 people were reached within the first few days. The video was spread through 35 hosts & 120 referrers and generated over 2,000 comments on social media.

    Visits on the home insurance section of the Nationale-Nederlanden website increased by 200%. The 40.000 Euro campaign generated over 275.000 Euro in free media exposure, making the ROI 587.5%. Output/Awareness:  Brandtracker showed an increase in brand image of 5% in 'sympathy' and an increase of 9% in 'empathy'.


    • in 2 weeks+1000 Dutch comments
    • in 2 weeks+350.000 Dutch views online


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