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    At Grey Amsterdam we believe in creating culturally relevant work.
    Work that will be talked about. Not just at fancy advertising parties, but in real life.

    To achieve this, our clients aren’t going to be sitting around the table
    with their digital agency, their advertising agency, their media agency.

    They’re going to be sitting there with amazing, multitalented people
    all working together in a wonderfully open environment
    to create and influence popular culture.

    • WE'VE GOT OUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT We make sure that we don’t get stuck in meetings about having meetings. That we don’t need to spend more time answering emails from colleagues than the time it takes to walk to their desk. We make sure that we can focus on one thing only: solving our clients’ business challenges. Because developing famously effective solutions that have real social currency takes tender, love and care.
    • SIZE DOESN'T MATTER Even though we are part of a large network we are a boutique agency. To us, size doesn’t matter and that’s why all our employees are hands-on. From the management team down to our lovely office-manager. We do not believe in departments and fancy titles; we believe in getting things done. We prefer street-smart over book-smart. Our mission is to create a different shape of work. This is why we partner and collaborate with the world’s most ambitious brands and partners to claim our space in popular culture.

    • POWER TO OUR PEOPLE We believe that, in order to be able to create culturally relevant work, you need to hire people that are already doing exactly that. That’s why, next to being very talented at their job, our employees are also gifted photographers, jewelry makers, furniture designers, vloggers and musicians. In fact, one employee was even asked by Queen’s management to remix a Freddy Mercury song!
    • SHARING THE LOVE None of us are as smart as all of us and we respect that. So much so, that every Thursday afternoon we honor this during a staff get together we call ‘10 x 20’. Where each staff member shares what inspires him or her with all of us. 10 slides, 20 seconds per slide, some beers and snacks. Our definition of a Grey’t afternoon.

    • OPEN DOOR POLICY Our doors are always open. For our clients, but also for our partners. We believe that the more open we can be as an agency, the better the end results will be. Using this approach means that we can be more fluid and faster to create better, more original ideas and have some fun while doing it. Open isn’t about one way of doing things; it’s also about a client just poppin’ in to come hang out and have a drink. Proost!
    • LONG LIVE LONG IDEAS Most agencies talk about big ideas. We believe in Long ideas. Big ideas come and go. Long ideas start earlier and live longer. They are media agnostic. Long ideas are not about old or new media. They create meaningful conversations among likeminded people. They create momentum; they create noise. And ultimately they stop being just an advertising idea to become an idea which enriches people’s everyday life.