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Persistence in the new virtue in creativity


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    Persistence in the new virtue in creativity

    In the lead up to Cannes it’s always fun to speculate on what type of idea will be lauded. Whether the print ad is dead, if charity work will be overlooked and which network will be snubbed.

    June 15, 2017

    One thing is for sure though – the work that wins big this year will shape the work for the following year. And will set the bar for what ideas an advertising creative should be putting forward.

    When we talk about the virtues of a creative person we think of things like ambition, defiance, enthusiasm and may often describe them as industrious or spontaneous. But interestingly, due to the ideas that we applaud as best-in-class, we’re seeing the virtue of persistence rising to the top of that list.

    And this is because the ideas that are a measure of what our industry is capable of doing often take a shit load of time to execute.

    Ideas like The Swedish Number and McWhopper are best in class and have been accordingly awarded so. But, damn, they took a long time to enter the real world. I think, what’s most impressive about these campaigns is the persistence of the team behind them. We’re talking over two years of it. That’s serious persistence.

    The degree of difficulty with ideas of this calibre is enormous too. More chance to fall over, to fall out of love with, to be hen pecked and, most importantly, more chance to lose the people who championed the original nugget of an idea.

    Isn’t it funny how a classic, dare I call it traditional, print ad can seem small? Sometimes even labeled now as a ‘quick win’. We’ve raised the bar in terms of what we, as an industry, consider brilliant creative work.

    And don’t get me wrong, I think putting work like this on a pedestal is a good thing. A very good thing.



    Jun 8, 2017


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